This Yoga practice is designed to help find your fullest potential physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Your Hatha Yoga practice will be slightly different each class as will be your mind/body.  It integrates mind/body awareness through pranayama (breathing exercises), asanas (postures) and meditation/relaxation techniques.  For greater strength, flexibility and focus.

Dare2bfit Yoga is a discipline that cultivates mind and body simultaneously by guiding the flow of internal energy. An awakening, mindful, fluid flow (vinyasa), with attention to the rhythmic flow of the breath. You will be guided to engage in a gentle yet powerful way to use your limbs, spine, muscles and lungs. Classes include all the Hatha Yoga elements:

•               Unstiffen your supple body (yoga asana)
•               Unchatter your quiet mind (deep relaxation and meditation)
•               Unfreeze your fiery heart (pranayama, breathing practices)

Excellent for developing grace, flexibility, core strength, balance, muscular strength and stress reduction. Appropriate for beginners or anyone who wants to understand how to release tension within the body.

Yoga ladies

Monday's at 5.30PM

Dates: 18 August (10 week block)

Where: I INFINITY CENTRE, 17 Como Parade West, Mentone.

Duration: 60 mins

Yoga Class Guidelines

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing
  • Remove shoes during class
  • Refrain from eating heavy foods at least 1-2 hours before class
  • Make sure that your mobile is turned off
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes earlier for your first class to discuss & complete your registration form
  • Yoga mat, blanket/large towel for warmth during relaxation/meditation
  • Water bottle
  • We supply mats if you don't have your own


Block of 10yoga classes        $185.00

Block of 20 yoga classes       $360.00

Single Classes/Casual           $  20.00

Bookings & pre-payment essential

Please book via e-mail or mobile: -

Phone:  0416-548-200 OR This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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