Great Bodies


Our team of professional qualified personal trainers deliver group training for our corporate clients. Our team come to your workplace. We educate, engage and empower employees to get healthier.

Our training methodology is centered around core strength, corrective exercise, functional movement. Your posture will improve & eliminating back pain is a speciality. Other programs include strength & conditioning, weight training and fat-loss programs. For individuals wanting a one on one experience, we offer a fully equiped fitness centre.


Education from industry experts

Reduce Health care costs

Customized programs

Wellness content via our online presence.

Fitness assessment  (see Fitness Assesment section for further details)

Photogenic analysis

Dietary analysis, nutritional guidance & advice

Support & motivation from your Personal trainer. 

Prepaid Personal Training Package blocks.

Measurable results.

Our clients report a reduction in health care costs and back pain, increased fitness, flexibility & strength. 


Upon Application. 

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