Fitness Tips

Core Training is More than Just Ab Exercise

Core Conditioning

Core conditioning and abdominal conditioning have become synonymous in recent years but the abdominal muscles alone are over-rated when it comes to real core strength or conditioning. In reality, the abdominal muscles have very limited and specific action. The "core" actually consists of many different muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis and run the entire length of the torso. When they contract they stabilize the spine, pelvis and shoulder girdle and create a solid base of support. When this happens, we are able to generate powerful movements of the extremities.


Drink 8 glasses of water every day

Drinking or having a fluid intake of 8 glasses a day is necessary to avoid dehydration, depending on the amount of fluid lost. Drinking water not only keeps us hydrated, but ensures that our body functions optimally as well.


Relaxation 101

If attaining peace of mind were as simple as reminding ourselves to relax whenever we feel agitated, the majority of us would be blissed-out most of the time. Like any other worthwhile skill, though, relaxation takes practice.

Thankfully, yoga can be a good training ground for cultivating this fine art. And the skills we learn in our yoga practice can support us in the rest of our lives, helping us manage stressful times with clarity and balance.


The Importance of Stretching

It is important to always undertake a warm up stretch prior to exercise. Stretching is necessary to loosen up your limbs and muscles, and is the safest way to protect your muscles, ligaments and tendons from injury when you perform your work out.


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