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OUR MISSION               

To Engage, Educate & Inspire individuals with unique, innovative, customized wellness programs that correct the cause of disease and achieve lasting change to lives.

DARE2BFIT stand out from the crowd through their innovative, cutting-edge wellness at work programs and services. The business prides itself on delivering high standards of customer service excellence through our unique, structured and tailored workplace wellbeing programs.


Our goal is a WIN-WIN Solution. We design and align each client's wellness at work program around their Company’s business objectives and long-term goals.

  • Innovative and Unique, customized corporate wellness at work programs
  • Highly Personalized service

  • Health education across a diverse range of wellness industries.

  • Accountability Results driven Wellness Programs. We have structured systems in place.  We know what works.



Well-being has been an integral part of my life since teenage years. I commenced what has become a lifelong lifestyle commitment to well-being and fitness.

After a rewarding & successful 15-year corporate career, I transformed my passion into a new direction and career.

Undertaking fitness qualifications studies in 2007-8 and a Diploma of Yoga teacher training in 2010, I created & founded Dare2bfit in 2008.

My industry knowledge is kept fresh and up to date through regular attendance at physiotherapy/personal training seminars, international heath retreats, filex fitness conference, & yoga courses. I believe in continued self-education.  I regularly attend personal development studies,  networking groups, business building seminars & courses. Here I am priviledged to learn and gain inspiration from like-minded group of successful entrepreneurs.

I believe transformational change is what drives me to succeed. Empowering transformation in my clients & supporting their vision with the belief that it’s possible to achieve your goals.


Our vision is to educate and empower our clients from preventable injuries, joint and back pain, disease and to change lives.   We specialize in core strength with a holistic methodology.


Do what you love & love what you do is my philosophy. Wellness is my passion and purpose. Achieving wellbeing results can be life changing.

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